Zero Time Dilemma Review

Often popping up on lists of obscure games worth trying out is a strange little visual novel called Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, abbreviated as 999. It...[Read More]



Independence Day: Resurgence Review

There’s no easy way to say it, so I’ll just step out there and say it. Independence Day: Resurgence shouldn’t have been made without Will Smit...[Read More]



Mighty No. 9 Review

There is nothing more hated in the game community right now than Mighty No. 9 – and that’s quite a feat in itself, considering the disappointment of such ...[Read More]



One Piece: Burning Blood Review

One Piece is a fun little anime series, one that focuses on Monkey D. Luffy and his extendable limbs (which he got from eating a mystic fruit), as well as his c...[Read More]



Dangerous Golf Review

When I heard that former team members that worked on the Burnout franchise were working on a golf game, my mind went racing like crazy. Could we see an arcade-s...[Read More]



Fenix Furia Review

Fenix Furia by Green Lava Studios brings out the best and worst in its players. Imagine Super Meat Boy, with less meat and saw blades and more little green blob...[Read More]

Distraction Squad 101: Two For One

Hello again everyone! I am sorry for missing the past couple of weeks for posts. We went from being sick to E3, so this week you get two bundles of joy! Up firs...[Read More]

PAX East 2016: The Metronomicon Hands-On Preview

I’m a rhythm guy. I was in band for 11 years. I am a percussionist, that still plays drumset. It shouldn’t have to be said that I love rhythm games. I got my st...[Read More]

Memorable Dads in Gaming

Father’s day really got me thinking about Dad in video games. A lot of games either have the dad completely absent with no mention or his role is simply o...[Read More]

Top 5 3D Sonic Games

As Sonic the Hedgehog approaches his 25th anniversary, and Sega continues to tease that they have an announcement for the occasion, let’s look at the best...[Read More]

Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown Recap

While some may say arcades are dead, I beg to differ. “Barcades” – bars that double as old-school arcades – are thriving, and with them, arcade mach...[Read More]

Erin’s PAX East 2016 Highlights

2016 marked my second attendance of PAX East, and this type of expo in general. Year two was definitely a different experience from year one, in that I spent mo...[Read More]

Latest Posts

We are little more then a month away from christmas in July, but gamers on the northern hemisphere cannot wait to start preparing the christmas list for this December. Possibly due to a coding error, a release date for Dead Rising 4 was leaked on the Xbox Live marketplace claiming that Dead Rising 4...[Read More]

Twenty-five years have passed since the release of the first Civilization title. Since then, the world has evolved exponentially with the technological field growing rapidly. On October 21st, 2016, 2K and Firaxis Games will release Civilization VI on Windows, OS X, and Linux; currently there is stil...[Read More]

We all love games from Nintendo and Yogurt, right? Well here is some good news if you do love both! Nintendo is partnering with popular frozen yogurt chain Yogurtland this summer to take families on a flavor-filled adventure that is sure to surprise and delight more than just their taste buds.

Brazilian Developer Swordtales who’s teamed up with the publisher Versus Evil announced today that the all-new adventure game Toren. Which is set in a dark fantasy world of growth and discovery, is now available for Mac users to download. Yes, Mac users you have a new game to play! Well keep r...[Read More]

Fans of the story-driven, first-person action MMORPG/FPS – Escape from Tarkov, will get a fresh look at the game n a newly released gameplay trailer. The new video features over 14 minutes of in-game footage, following a soldier as he attempts to escape an abandoned (but not un-guarded) chemic...[Read More]

A couple months ago, we discussed The Game Bakers’ upcoming title Furi. Nicknamed as boss-rush mode: the game, Furi was such an enjoyable experience to start PAX East off. Today, the title gets a release date!

While at PAX East 2016 I had hands-on time with the game Livelock from Perfect World Entertainment Inc. I really enjoyed what I played and have been looking forward to more hands-on time with the game. You may know Perfect World Entertainment from games such as Neverwinter or even Star Trek Online. ...[Read More]

With the release of East Asia Softs game Lost Sea coming out in the next few days on Xbox One and shortly after on PS4 and PC they’ve released a new trailer for the game. However, some of you reading may wonder what is Lost Sea, right?

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