Mini Mario & Friends: Amiibo Challege Review

Nintendo are adding to their Amiibo supported games with their latest entry in the Mario VS Donkey Kong series of puzzle games. In Mini Mario & Friends: Ami...[Read More]



Severed Review

Drinkbox Studios has gotten continuously better with its development over the past few years, really hitting amazing new ground with its Metroidvania-esque open...[Read More]



StarFox Zero Review

For a while now, StarFox Zero has been one of Nintendo’s most highly anticipated games. After all, it’s generated a lot of nostalgic buzz with playe...[Read More]



Axiom Verge (PSVITA) Review

Axiom Verge, at its core, is a tribute. It’s a tribute by a hardcore fan who loved what’s been dubbed the Metroidvania style of game. The man who cr...[Read More]



Bravely Second: End Layer Review

It’s great to see JRPG’s get another movement on the Nintendo front this year, along the same lines that we saw in the heyday on the Sony PlayStatio...[Read More]



Soda Drinker Pro Review

Soda Drinker Pro. Soda Drinker Pro. Where do we begin? This title was created in one day by one person. So you can only imagine. What started back in 2008 is no...[Read More]

Prominence Poker Steam Closed Beta Code Giveaway (Get One Before It’s Gone!)

Gaming doesn’t always have to be about the bang bang slice curse word explosions. Sometimes we just need some traditional gaming presented in cool ways. T...[Read More]

Quantum Break and Alan Wake Code Giveaway

Hello Everyone! Yesterday we started a giveaway for Dirt Rally, but today we here to grant one person two games. What games you ask? The new game Quantum Break ...[Read More]

It’s time to Race in our Dirt Rally Code Giveaway

Hello gamers! First we’d like to thank you for dropping by since we know many of you enjoy winning awesome prizes. Not long ago we give a replica from Pro...[Read More]

Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge Wii U Codes Giveaway

If you remember yesterday we published a page, which featured 45 early access codes to Mini Mario & Friends Amiibo Challenge for the 3DS. Those codes did ta...[Read More]

Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge 3DS Codes Giveaway

Are you wanting to get access to Mini Mario and Friends Amiibo Challenge for the 3DS? Well you’ve found it! On this page we have 3DS eShop codes to grant ...[Read More]

Catlateral Damage PS4 Code Giveaway

Have you ever wanted to be a cat? Don’t lie! We all know you sitting in that chair reading this giveaway have always wanted to be a cat. Well meow you can...[Read More]

Latest Posts

EGLX First Impressions: Indie Games

This weekend is Enthisiast Gaming Live Expo (EGLX) in Toronto, Canada. The first thing you’ll notice is the massive eSports presence and the second thing you’ll notice is the indie games.

PAX East 2016: Furi Hands-On Preview

This past weekend was PAX East 2016, and it will not only my first conference as press, but my first major conference in general. Going into it, I had no idea of what to expect for the weekend. Lucky for me, my first appointment warmed me up and had me amped for the weekend. My first appointment was...[Read More]

BABYMETAL Rocks Onto Super Mario Maker!

Super Mario Maker released last year for the Wii U and it hasn’t looked back. Played by hundreds if not thousands of professional Let’s Players, Nintendo would be ignorant to stop updating their hit title. GOOD NEWS. This train is nowhere near the train station so it’s full steam ahead! The newest u...[Read More]

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Information and Preview

Odin Sphere came into being during the later stages of the PS2, wowing its players with its beautiful art style and interesting gameplay, a defiant piece of 2D gaming in a sea of developers trying to make use of polygons. It has gone on to be a hidden gem to most PS2 enthusiasts, but now Atlus has b...[Read More]

Trials of the Blood Dragon Gets Rated by Taiwanese Board

As someone who plays a lot of Trials on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One it’s not shocking that yet another Trials game is coming out. What is it called? Well if we go by the Taiwanese ratings board it’ll be called Trials of the Blood Dragon. While I’ve reached out to Ubisoft for comment ...[Read More]

Xenoblade Chronicles hitting Wii U eShop 4/28/2016

Lately Nintendo has been doing well with the eShop releases and Nintendo has announced via their website that Xenoblade Chronicles will be hitting the eShop 4/28/2016. You can find this page on http://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/xenoblade-chronicles-wii-u. While there isn’t much information ...[Read More]

Nintendo Drops News on Mobile Games, Zelda, and the NX

Just a few short months before E3, Nintendo revealed their strategy for the new (fiscal) year, including dropping the first official news about their new console, the NX.

Get Your Wallets Ready Thanks to GOG’s Super Sale!

Are you ready for deals up to 80% off, GOG-premieres, and new bundles every six hours? Who wouldn’t be ready for deals on PC games? Well this week you can walk the streets of GOG.com and take in the sights as they build the Bundleopolis – a week-long tour with 20+ DRM-free bundles in eve...[Read More]

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