Frosty – the Alaskan threat

So I came across the “Weird News” section of and laughter ensued. My first laugh was courtesy of a man being arrested for performing archaic dentistry out of his apartment. The real chuckler came from the great state of Alaska.

In Anchorage, there is a rather large snowman dubbed Snowzilla. He is an enormous 25 feet tall and comes with all of the traditional trimmings. Snowzilla was a tradition, dating three years back, by the Powers family and started off being only 16 feet tall. Billy Powers and his seven children would get the snow from the neighbors’ yards to make him large enough and each year he got bigger. The Powers neighbors’ weren’t so thrilled by all of the attention Snowzilla brought to the neighborhood so they threw a bitch fit. City officials deemed Snowzilla to be a public nuisance and a safety hazard this year and the Powers’ were issued a public notice. Their reasoning behind it was because the snowman itself “increased traffic to the point of endangerment” and that “the snowman itself was dangerous.”

Snowzilla wasn’t scheduled to make an appearance this year on the Powers’ property, but they woke up one morning to the surprise. Powers’ claims to not know how he got there and expects action to be taken against him now that Christmas has passed.

Last time I checked, Christmas was supposed to be a time for people to celebrate and have fun. The Anchorage city officials sound like they need to seriously chill out (bad pun, I know) because to issue a cease-and-desist order is pretty fucking stupid. It isn’t going to come alive and attack the village. Just because it has “zilla” in the title doesn’t mean that Mothra is going to appear to start a huge battle. He isn’t going to slip the children heroin in their stockings or mug little old ladies for their crocheted pot holders.  It’s a snowman. A simple, innocent, made for the holidays snowman.

Are we running out of laws to such an extent that we feel the need to attack inanimate objects? If so, I’m packing my bags and shipping myself off to Canada. At least they will appreciate the glory that is Snowzilla.

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– She Who Has The Last Word

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