Recycling is for Suckers

I know, not a very popular opinion, but I do have my reasons, which I will explain.  Over the past few months, Lindsey and I have been gathering large quantities of cardboard boxes, breaking them down, and storing them for a big recycling run to make some extra money.  After we moved (two weeks ago today), we decided to start the recycling run today with our moving boxes (after a foiled attempt on Saturday).  We put the boxes in the car (an Audi TT coupe; it was filled completely with boxes), and made our way to the recycling center.  When we arrived, we were told to park on a large vehicle scale for a weigh-in.  Once the fully loaded weight of the vehicle was documented, we were told to unload the cardboard onto a large pile, and return to the vehicle scale for a second weigh-in, without the cardboard.  The weight of the cardboard was determined by the discrepancy in the two weigh-in values.  It turns out we took in 80 pounds of cardboard.  You would think we would be handsomely rewarded for our eco-friendly efforts, wouldn’t you?

Eighty damned cents

Turns out 80 pounds of cardboard and a sense of environmental responsibility is worth $0.80.

Woo, recycling.

-Because I said so

Eighty damned cents
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