Year 1 – Episode 1 Recap

Well tonight Chris and I had our first MehCast and it was fantastic. We started off a bit slow due to a lag at first and some people experiencing technical difficulties but once things started rockin’ everybody had a fun time. Having a chat room along with the live video is really helpful because it allows us to interact with our viewers and get some much appreciated feedback. Some of my fellow Tweeples came and showed their support. While they weren’t all able to stay for the full thing, something was definitely better than nothing and we enjoyed them.

After Chris and I introduced ourselves, we paid our respects to the Travolta family. Today their 16 year old son Jett was found on the bathroom floor at their vacation home in the Bahamas and passed away on the way to the hospital. Obviously John isn’t going to see our MehCast but it is still something that we felt necessary. Once that was finished our Q&A portion got started. Some of the guys submitted really great questions that allowed us to really get personal and got the chat room going. Then we started just going on about stuff. I discussed the Imperial March ringtone of doom and Chris went a bit more into detail about our recycling adventures.

Some of the fun things we touched on were movies and music. Surprisingly one of the guys hasn’t seen The Dark Knight yet. It came as a shock to all of us since that movie was so amazing. Video games were also discussed, especially the Star Wars ones. It was nice being able to talk with people who shared similar interests. It made it a lot easier rather than trying to force conversation with a bunch of strangers. At times it felt as if they were in the room with us and we didn’t have a camera on a tripod glaring at us which made our part of the MehCast a breeze. We are really looking forward to doing next weeks episode and I personally can’t wait. I think I might go and do some spur of the moment chats or record some videos for YouTube in the mean time.

As of right now we are planning on airing our episodes once a week on Fridays. They will always be at 7 PM PST but their length will probably vary. If we would have had more people in the room tonight we could have easily gone longer than we did but 86 minutes sure isn’t bad for the first time. The great thing about UStream is that we can also have it record at the same time so our viewers who might be unable to make it due to work or other plans can still watch whenever they can.

Before I wrap this blog up, I would like to say thanks to a couple of guys. One is our Canadian friend @slabbe from Twitter. He has really helped Chris and I a lot over these past couple of days with World of Meh and we greatly appreciate it. It was through him that I found out about UStream and he also was so kind to design our logo. On Twitter he even twitted about the show for us and on his personal blogsite, which is under construction right now, he has a direct link to our site with our blogsite icon. Once his site is finished we will be sure to provide you readers a link so that you can check him out. @Philflipsnor (from Twitter) helped us out with some great questions and by also suggesting Podcasts on iTunes. Finally, @roomerholmes (from Twitter as well) submitted a question to help us get the ball rolling. All three of these guys were a part of the first show and chat so thank you all so much for being a part of something so special to Chris and I. I hope that you guys can always make it because we had a great time.

Next week, we have no idea what our episode will be about so input is always welcome. You can either leave your ideas in a comment, in a Direct Message through my Twitter, in a Private Message either of our Myspaces or by email. My email is and you can reach Chris at

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