Oh the Irony….

This past Sunday, Chris and I attended the first Bridal Show of the year. Our main reasons for attending them are to find vendors and to try and win free stuff. Plus, all the cake and food samples are fantastic. When you get there they ask you to go and register for the big prizes they draw for at the end of each fashion show and also for individual drawings at the vendor booths. Sometimes the vendors have their own raffles at their booths as well. Chris and I start off going through each row, checking to see if they are giving away anything, checking to see if they are giving anything cool for free, and then checking to see if they are a food vendor because we love the snackies.

One of the booths that was there was a Mary Kay booth. I’m a Consultant with Mary Kay so obviously I didn’t enter the raffle they had going on. We did stop by to say hello to the girls since we knew them and kept going on our way. The first fashion show started around 11, and since there was going to be another one at 2:30, we caught the end of it to see if we were picked for the big prizes. Some of the stuff they gave away was nice. Diamond earrings, a thousand dollar gift certificate to get your invitations, and a wedding planner. I didn’t win any of that, but then again I never do, so we got up and started to walk around again. We didn’t get through all of the booths so we picked up where we left off.

After the fashion shows is when they pull names for the vendor prizes so after we checked out the other booths we made a second round. You’d be surprised how fast we can move when checking for free stuff. We made it through the entire Convention Center and didn’t see our names on one thing. By then it was about time for the second fashion show so we decided to see more of this one to get ideas for the tuxes and bridesmaids gowns.

They really aren’t that exciting to be honest. The female models came walking out like they couldn’t care less, the male models always have to show off like they are God’s gift to women, and the kid models are so shell shocked from all of the lights that they sometimes don’t want to come out. Once the torture was over they started the second drawing. This time it was for a free tux for the groom to keep that would be tailored to him with a certificate for bridal dress preservation, a bridal gown worth $1,000, 28 bottles of personalized wine that you help make, and a free rehearsal dinner. Needless to say we didn’t win any of that stuff either. The girl who was picked to win the dress sounded like she could give a shit. Just in case I would have won, I put my Sidekick in Chris’s lap instead of having it in my hand so that I wouldn’t accidentally throw it or drop it in a stupor.

Then we started our second round to see if we were pulled. We had went through almost all of them before stopping at the Mary Kay booth. When we got there, the ladies asked if I had won anything. Chris and I mumbled out “no.” It was apparent that we were pretty bummed because we could have really used some of that stuff. Then Chris had to be a smart ass and say, “Watch you win at the Mary Kay booth and nowhere else.” We did get a laugh about it, but at the same time we knew that if it happened we wouldn’t really find it all that funny.

Just before we were going to go to another booth and check out their raffle this lady who worked for the show came walking by with the winner for the Mary Kay booth. Of course, guess whose name was on it? MINE! I don’t remember if I laughed or not but everybody else did. My Director told the woman that I can’t win the prize because I work for the company so she said that she was going to check and see if I could be switched for something else at another booth since she still had many more names to hand out.

Instead of waiting there, Chris and I checked out the rest of the booths and then came back. I asked if they would allow the switch and they wouldn’t. What assholes! We weren’t asking for anything major. What good am I going to do with gift cards? I get 50% off everything and since I sell it, I can’t use the gift cards. They are pieces of plastic to me. The girls felt bad so they still gave me the gift cards to use at later appointments or for my clients and were so kind to throw in $20 bucks. The $20 bucks cheered me up but of all the booths to win at, it just had to happen there.

Once we left the Bridal Show and walked back to the car, Chris brought up how we should get a treat so we went to Starbucks and got our drinks. Two Venti Passion Iced Teas with 6 pumps of Raspberry syrup, and the Sunday paper.

This Sunday is another show and there will be another Mary Kay booth there but we aren’t going to it. I can escape the clutches of irony! You won’t get me this Sunday you cruel, cruel bastard!

It’s OK though because there will be more in August so I will have more chances to get disappointed and screwed over. Yay for the Universe!

– She Who Has The Last Word

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