Talking to one’s self out loud…

I talk to myself out loud at times.  I’ll carry an entire conversation with myself.  I’ll talk to video game characters by telling them what to do, or where to go, etc.  I’ll muse over thoughts out loud.  I’m perfectly fine with this habit.  In fact, I enjoy it.

Lindsey thinks I’m mental.

I respectfully disagree.

It may seem strange to some that I talk to myself, but if you think about it, everybody does it to some extent.  While it may not be out loud, the simple process of fretting over what to wear, reasoning out a word problem, or thinking about what you want to say to someone, all begin with a conversation in your mind.  I simply enjoy doing it out loud.  It’s fun; it’s entertaining; it’s a blast.  The most amazing thing is that, at times, if you let it get away from conscious control, you can be very surprised by what you hear yourself saying!

-Because I said so (to myself, out loud)

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