Good morning, world!

I’d like to apologize to our readers (if we have any, which I sincerely doubt) for our recent lack of activity.  We started off strong, followed by two weeks with only two posts.  Today marks the beginning of an attempt to change the trend set by the past two weeks of non-activity.  At least once per day, be it from Lindsey or myself, there will be new content posted to the World of Meh.  There may be days where we miss a post, such as this coming Saturday when we will be in San Francisco all day, but an extra post will be made on Friday or Sunday to make up for the missing day’s minimum.  Hopefully with this consistency set in place, our reader base can grow into a community of people around the world who have nothing to say, but somewhere to say it.

-Because I said so

I'm the Ambassador of Kickyourassador. I am the Walrus. I'm on a highway to the Danger Zone. I am the Kwisatz Haderach.I do things with words that have a generally geeky gist.

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