Year 1 – Episode 2 Recap

Last Friday, Chris and I had a rather interesting show. For starters we had to cut it at an hour due to us having company come over. Then we experienced tech issues about half way through the show in which we had to cut the feed and restream. Our total live viewer count was 2, but we knew in advance that some of the guys who were there for our first episode wouldn’t be able to make it.

I knew that it would be difficult for us to try and cram in all of our topics in a 60 minute show but I think we did an alright job. We discussed our fantastic neighbors again, our picks from the recent CES show, the upcoming Wolverine and Dragon Ball movies, the horrific cover of Depeche Modes “Personal Jesus” that was ripped to shreds by Hillary Duff, and many other things.

One topic that I would love to talk more about is how I personally feel that Queen should be given their own version of Guitar Hero or Rock Band. They have a large catalog of songs that many people know and many people would have fun singing them or playing the guitar to. Freddie Mercury had an amazing voice and Brian Mays is an exceptional guitar player. Hopefully there can be some downloadable content or a track pack released in the near future.

All in all, the show was really fun and even if we didn’t have that large of a turn out Chris and I still had a lot of fun. That’s what matters, right?

As for tonights show, we are going to make it really count because we felt that an hour is a bit short and we are going out of town tomorrow to San Francisco.  Be sure to tune in and spread the word. We love the live interaction with the chat room.

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