Kitty Cat

As we’re walking back into our apartment this evening, after spending most of the day running errands and being about town, we noticed a small, beautiful, black cat with white and grey accents in the parking lot.  After a bit of prompting, it eventually came closer.  As I had somewhere around ten plastic bags filled with groceries and miscellaneous items hanging from my right arm, I felt that I would like someplace to set them down, so I said that I would be heading into the apartment.  Lindsey followed, and, surprisingly, so did the cat.  As I set our goods down, Lindsey got some cheese and milk for the little cat.  It came and went throughout the night, having some cheese, having some milk, etc.  It even came in past the door, for just a little while.  However, the cat seems to be gone for the moment.  If we get the opportunity, perhaps we’ll take a picture of it and post it.

-Because I said so

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