Valentine’s Day

Today was Valentine’s Day.  It was the second Valentine’s Day that Lindsey and I have had, and the first since we moved in together and since we became engaged.  The first thing we did was get breakfast.  Sorry, let me correct that.  The first thing I did was get breakfast.  The first thing Lindsey did was play Animal Crossing: City Folk on our new Wii.  After eating breakfast, we continued playing Animal Crossing.  She took a bit of a nap, during which time I popped in Super Mario Galaxy, which is very fun (but has extremely weird camera angles).  Next up was Wii Play, which I found fairly entertaining, but which Lindsey hated most of.  After that, we put our Wii Fit to use with a half hour of training for each of us, followed by Wii Sports Boxing.  Once Lindsey put me down to the mat, she went off to start cooking our Valentine’s Day dinner while I played some more Wii Sports and some Animal Crossing.  Finally, dinner was ready.  Lindsey made some amazing salmon, spaghetti alfredo, peas, and a great salad.  For dessert, she made a wonderful red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.  After dinner, we watched Memoirs of a Geisha, which she hadn’t seen for a very long time, and I hadn’t seen at all.  It just finished up about 10-15 minutes ago, when I realized we had yet to do a post for today, which brings us to the current moment!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

-Because I said so

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