Year 1 Episode 6 Recap

Well I know this is getting posted rather late, but it is better than not at all.

Last Friday we had a really fun show and the chat room was rather active. We started the show off as usual and then got into all the juicy details. Chris even made a foil replica of Ryu’s headband. Ryu is from Street Fighter if some of you readers don’t know that.

We updated everybody about our grand plot against our neighbors, the addition of our new forum, discussed the recent Heroes episode where Sylar goes apeshit, how El Pollo Loco let me down, the Super Bowl commercials, and more stuff that I honestly can’t remember right now because I just can’t.

Chris’s Song Pick Of The Week was Iran So Far Away by Andy Samberg featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5.

My Song Pick Of The Week was Windowlicker by Aphex Twin.

Chris’s TV Pick Of The Week was Drive.

My TV Pick Of The Week was Little Britain.

Chris’s Movie Pick Of The Week was TMNT.

My Movie Pick Of The Week was Grandma’s Boy.

Thanks again to everybody who came and watched us. We honestly couldn’t do it without you because then we wouldn’t have anybody to talk to!

See you all on Friday!

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– She Who Has The Last Word

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