Year 1 Episode 9 Recap

Hello everybody,

Sorry this blog is coming so late in the day but today has been rather interesting and I will be making a separate blog about that. Last night was our ninth episode and all I can say is wow. 9 episodes.

We started by showing off our new webcam we purchased this past week. We no longer have to bring in lamps from different rooms but the big downside is that for some reason it looks like it’s further back yet it is in the same location we used with the old one. While this does give a bigger picture of our living room and our bookshelves filled with DVD’s, you no longer get the close-ups of us and that sort of bothers us. Oh well.

Another new feature to the show was our dog, Donnie. He just came over with us this past Tuesday and he spent most of the time curled up on the couch next to me since he is a Mama’s Boy.

Throughout the show we discussed what we have been doing this past week, introduced a new show segment featuring strange news from around the world, did a Heroes recap and even shared some spoilers, and discussed movie news. We even mentioned that our tickets for the Watchmen midnight premiere have been purchased. Hopefully we enjoy it and it doesn’t become another shitty comic book movie. That would be most unfortunate.

What I couldn’t believe was that the show lasted 3 hours long, we didn’t run out of topics to discuss, and we had many live viewers! At one time we had 14 and the chat room was very interactive which was fantastic.

As for next week, I can’t guarantee that we will have a long broadcast. Even though Chris and I will be attending the Watchmen midnight premiere I neglected to purchase the tickets for the IMAX showing of it so we will probably be watching it later on that evening. Odds are most of our viewers will be out as well. I can say that we will still aim to give a minimum of an hour but don’t hold me to it!

One last thing we did was introduce a new weekly thing we are going to be doing. We are going to ask our viewers a question during each show and they will (hopefully) submit to us their answers. On the following show we will read the answers live and then go from there.

The question we chose for this week was: What additional features would you like to see added to World of Meh? This can include the blogsite, the show itself, and even our new forums.

You can either submit your replies over our Myspaces, through a comment on this blog, to our emails, or on the forums.

My email is: and you can reach Chris at  (original, eh?)

Well, thanks again for a great show and we will be seeing you all live this next Friday!

Episode discussion at:

– She Who Has The Last Word

  • leprakhauns

    Well, obviously I’d like to see a link to my site 😀
    I’d also like to see a better system. WordPress for posts, phpbb for a forum? I’d like to see something more unified, along with the site more integrated with the show. Perhaps I can help in some way? I am a programmer, and Lindsay and I talked for a long time about Heroes.

  • Haha. Well, link us to your site and we’ll take a look at it! As for the blog/forum relationship, I agree in that I’d love to see something cleaner as far as integration goes. phpbb was available through my cPanel system as a handsfree installation, so it was created almost as an afterthought. Also, if there was a way to embed the UStream broadcast and chat room into the site somehow, that would be amazing, of course, but it’s been years since either Lindsey or I have dabbled in any real web programming whatsoever. If you have any ideas, or would like to lend a hand, we’d be more than happy, I’m sure.

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