Dear Internet Hypocrites….

Yesterday certain mother fuckers lit a fire under me over Twitter and now I get to properly express my true feelings to you – and not be restricted to 140 characters.

To Zut_Radio, where do you get off pointing the finger at others and thinking that you are so high and mighty? First off, you have the nerve to insult my intelligence yet you can’t even properly compose a sentence? Then after that you make ridiculous claims that I am all looks and that I will get nowhere in life. OK buddy. You tried to make yourself so mature in your posts and that your parenting skills were superior to mine yet after me only saying fuck twice you send me a direct message saying how you “dropped” me and how I need to think of the children over Twitter. Children don’t belong on Twitter and really don’t belong on the internet until they are much older. My daughter is not even 6 and her activities on the computer are limited. Why? Because of people like you, because of pedophiles, because of internet bullies, and I could go on and on listing reasons as to why children shouldn’t be on the internet – especially a site like Twitter.

Would you want your 6 year old on there only to have creepy old men following them? If the answer to that question is yes, then I feel sorry for your children for they are in the hands of a negligent parent. Would you want your 13 year old on Twitter? How about your 16 year old? Lets think about that for a minute. Around 16 they could become sexually active, which isn’t something I want for my daughter but that is besides the point. Have you seen some of the Myspace profiles a 16 year old has? How about some of the pictures? Imagine that on your beloved Twitter and then the MILLIONS of people who would have access to her. Mmmm… doesn’t that give you warm fuzzies?

Of course you could then say that it is up to the parent to monitor their child and then there could also be the argument that if the child is raised right that the parent should have none of these fears but the parent can’t control the people on the other side. On my Twitter I don’t mention my daughters name nor do I ever put up pictures of her because I am a good parent who is protecting my child. I don’t have any images of her on Facebook nor do I have any of her on my Myspace, again because I am a good parent.

I got a laugh at how you said you “tackled” me on the issue of using the word FUCK and that I didn’t like it. You didn’t tackle shit! All I got from you was a stupid DM and then you went on some rant thinking that it was making you look cool. Do you think anybody gives two shits as to what you think? NO!

Then… in which I thank you again for the laughter, you had one of your minions whom I have never seen in my life, send me messages in terrible English bashing me and saying how I am stupid, again that I am all looks and no brains (thanks by the way for making me out to be some supermodel with a below average intellect), how I don’t think of the children (look, I don’t claim to be kid friendly on my page nor should I), and I think at one point I was referred to as being both an ass and an asshole.

@LindseySchaal He dropped U because U said Fing and that is not approrpiate in Twitter with children present ..U Dumb .Asshole !!!

@LindseySchaal And judging from your conversation with him ,.. U R STUPID as well …little knowledge about anything ..Looks but no brains !

@LindseySchaal Kindly Kiss My Ass …Thank U .

Your statements towards me bash and slander me for using fuck yet using ass or asshole is kid friendly? Get the fuck out of here!

Also you later on send out a message asking people to re-tweet this statement:

Folks: Please tell @LindseySchaal that children do have a right to tweeter just like adults . who made her the Twitter God ???

Ok… I’m not like a majority of the voters here in California trying to take away the rights of others (Hi Prop 8, how’s it going?) but I am right in saying that they don’t belong on Twitter for the reasons I mentioned above. Also, if you wanted to further prove your point that you are smarter than myself, shouldn’t you have used the word Goddess instead of God? Seems gender appropriate, don’t you think?

I never claimed to be a God or Goddess of Twitter nor will I ever but again, I thank you for putting unnecessary words into my mouth.

Your plans of spreading your ignorance failed when only 3 people decided to lack critical thinking and further your absurd message. One of them, shockingly, was your little ZooYuku minion whom I dealt with personally. Of course that was what prompted the name calling and boy, it sure was nice getting treated like I was in middle school. Your maturity astounds me!

I wasn’t surprised to see that ZooYuku decided to share my messages to him/her/it nor was I surprised to see that he/she/it edited my remarks.

Originally I sent this:

@ZooYuku First off, children have no place on Twitter so if their parents are allowing them on a site like this then it’s not my problem.

@ZooYuku Second, you are bashing my intelligence? How about learning proper grammar and spelling. When you learn that, then talk to me.

@ZooYuku Third, I can say whatever the hell I want. It is my Constitutional right as an American and if you can’t deal with that too bad!

What was sent out to their list of so-called friends was this:

Quote from @LindseySchaal @ZooYuku First off, children have no place on Twitter (and who said they had no place …Lindsey is an IDIOT !!!)

Hmmm…. funny how the rest of what I said seemed to have disappeared.

2nd Quote from @LindseySchaal @ZooYuku Third, I can say whatever the hell I want. It is my Constitutional right as an American (Guns 2 ,,)

Interesting, my second comment seemed to be disregarded and then my third statement was again butchered. Also, what in the hell do guns have to do with this? I never made any comments about guns nor would I ever. I don’t give a shit about guns and I will never own one.

I was then flattered by you, Zut_Radio, when you decided to make a blog post on your ridiculous site trying to make yourself seem better than others.

Four Letter Words

“Zut Radio unfollowed 3 Twitters yesterday for using the Big Four Letter Word. Why is that such a Big Deal you ask – because Twitter is in all Time Zones and is used by All Ages. It is inappropriate to use the Big Four Letter Word!!!

Either the Tweeter has no children of their own (in which case it makes them insensitive to others) or they do have children (in which case it shows their stupidity). One can always make their point about something without using that word. Using that word just shows others one’s own breeding or rather, their lack of breeding.

Zut Radio will not follow such people and will block them from receiving Zut Radio broadcast. There is enough crap in this world without what many folks consider to be extreme profanity.

(Some of you reading this will get a kick at how they were so tactful and used the term “breeding” like human beings are animals…. I however found it to be offensive yet it seemed appropriate for cretins like themselves)

Oh Zut, Zut, Zut…..your attempt to make yourself look cool on the  internet (because it IS serious business) only made you look like an even bigger ass. Oh noes! The BIG Four Letter Word! Is it like in Harry Potter when Voldemort is constantly referred to “He Who Shall Not Be Named”? Is that what’s going on here? Your capitalization skills make me truly shudder. I guess up in Halifax they don’t really teach proper English do they?

Choosing to use profanity doesn’t make the person insensitive if they haven’t had any children. It makes them a human being. I say what I want because I can like I stated earlier when I made a reference to my Constitutional rights being an American citizen (guns too I suppose… YEE HAW!).  Just because I have a daughter and because I make the conscious choice to use words like fuck, shit, bitch, piss, cunt, ass, and many others doesn’t make me a stupid person. I bet that you are the type of person who assumes that because I use words like that on the internet that I use those words around my child. You are highly incorrect with that assumption. I don’t even use damn, hell, crap, or any lesser forms of profanity around her because unlike yourself, who consciously chooses to use words like ass, asshole, and crap around these invisible Twitter children, I am not a fucking moron.

I hope for the sake of the world that you and your pathetic following have no children because people like you shouldn’t be allowed to spawn (sounds MUCH saucier than breeding, don’t you think?).

Also for those of you who have a problem with what I have to say, tough. I don’t force you to read what I have to say, I never forced you to come to this blog nor did I force you to follow me on Twitter. Hell, some of the people I follow talk about shit that I really don’t care for but you don’t see me acting like I’m 12 and un-following them. I have follow people who are highly conservative and bash my political beliefs on a constant basis, who throw their religion and their God in my face through tweets, and who make ignorant statements about homosexuals and their life choices. All of those people have a right to say whatever the fuck they want and while I don’t agree with 99.9% of what they have to say, when I have talked to them they have been great to converse with.

All in all, if you are going to be a hypocrite on the internet please do not associate yourselves with me because frankly I don’t want to have to deal with your stupidity.

Thank you,

– She Who Has The Last Word

P.S. – Thank you to @jonathandmiller for having a brain and saying this:

@ZooYuku, you should watch what you say. Seems to be you are badgering and threatening @LindseySchaal with violence. That is NOT acceptable!

I really appreciate it.

  • leprakhauns

    First of all Twitter requires you to be 13 years old, regardless of parental consent or not. Second, the word fuck can be heard in PG-13 rated movies, so tell them to fuck off and stop being idiots. If they continue to be idiots please advice them to place their head in the toilet and drown.

  • LOL! Some people truly are morons but they can’t help it. It’s probably a result due to years of their ancestors inbreeding. (oh my… did I just say that?)

  • The thing with people like this is that it doesn’t really matter what the Twitter rules are, or whether Lindsey is right or not. What matters is their righteous indignation. They have to have something to get angry about so that their lives have some sort of meaning. They have to have a reason to insult and demean other people in order to feel better about their own pathetic lives. Without that, what do they have? Nothing. It’s kind of sad, when you think about it.

  • deaf_omega

    you have a kid?? hell I say big people words in front of mine all the time, it is how i talk. but my daughters know not to use those words, they have their own little people versions for all of them.

    and I would never let my kids have access to the internet like most kids these days, no way!! the internet children are almost all nastey and stupid slutty overconsuming etc etc etc….

    I hate stupid people, and worsse is that they are allowed to procreate. I say let’s make them all infertile and end this pesterence today!!!!

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