Flame on, Donnie!

For the past week or so, Donnie has been scratching under his right arm straight in the arm pit itself. I’ve checked to see if he was injured there, if there is a bug bite, and if there is anything to warrant his persisent scratching yet I have found nothing.

Chris and I have kept a close eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get worse or need medical attention. These past few days he has been fine until yesterday. Out of nowhere he just started going at it and we couldn’t get him to stop no matter how much we yelled at him, tapped him, clapped our hands… nothing. If there was a way to try and stop him we did it.

Some of you would say to spank him or whatever but we don’t believe in hitting animals no matter what. For us, it isn’t even an option.

Back in December when we unpacked, we came across some of Chris’s old boxers that had no elasticity left in the waistband. He was ready to toss them out but I stopped him because they could be used as dust rags (It’s something I picked up from my Grandma. She used my deceased Grandfathers old undies as dust rags and I guess it rubbed off on me lol).

Last night Chris brought up how we should try and get him to stop or restrict his access to that area and the first thing that popped in my head was to bandage it. Since we lack any form of wrapping bandage, mainly due to the part that we rarely get injured like that, my mind went straight to the old boxers – they are clean by the way so don’t think that I am putting dirty drawers on the dog!

I went into our bedroom, grabbed all 3 of them, and brought them to the couch where Chris and Donnie were. All of them had different patterns so I asked Chris which one we should use on Donnie. One was charcoal grey with red tribal dragons (I know, tragic), another was black with this blue hawaiian skull pattern (again, tragic), and the last were faded black with flames coming up from where the thighs would be.

Obviously the fashionable choice would be the flames so that is exactly what we did. I busted out the scissors and started cutting. I cut some to wrap around his leg and then thinner strips to tie and secure.  Chris, being the genius that he is, suggested that I should make something that would wrap around Donnie so that he can’t take it off. We came up with the idea to make a vest like creation. It started off with a hole for his right foot/arm. Then we draped it over his back and then put his left foot/arm into the other side like how a vest would.

After everything was put on Donnie I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. He looked so ridiculous and I was laughing so hard that I started crying. Chris, again being the genius, told me to grab the camera and take pictures of him so that we could share it with you guys, so I did.

Very hardcore Donnie...

Very hardcore Donnie...

The kicker was when he reminded me about taking Donnie on his walks today and how people would see him in all his glory. Luckily for Donnie, and his pride, there were few people roaming about when we were on our walks. One can only imagine the irreparable damage that would have been done to his doggie self esteem.

Thanks for the laughs Donnie,

– She Who Has The Last Word

  • Awesome! Donnie needs his own Twitter profile now.

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