Happily Ever After…

Three nights ago, in the aftermath of Episode 13 of the MehCast, Kelly (a friend/viewer who goes by the handle MrsLeftyBrown), while having a conversation with Lindsey, suggested a local wedding chapel for us to just get married.  Caught up in the thought of finally getting married, we called that night and scheduled a sit-down with them to go over the details.  We scheduled ourselves in for the next night at 7pm and started inviting our friends and family via text message and phone calls.  The most common response was along the lines of “WTF?!”, which was very understandable.

Saturday morning, we woke up with a large list of tasks to accomplish before 7pm.  We needed to clean the apartment, which was a disaster zone.  Lindsey needed to find something to wear, we needed to bake a cake, we needed to invite people, we had to prepare the ceremony program and our vows, and other things that completely slip my mind at this moment.  Needless to say, it was a long, busy, exhausting day.  We arrived after most of our guests, and went inside to start preparing.  I set up my camcorder, and Chris (leftybrown) was kind enough to handle the recording.  My brother from another mother took photos with my camera.  After working through some nerves (not me), we started the show around 7:30pm.  We walked up to Ave Maria, stood at the altar, and proceeded to make my dreams come true.  A short 5 minutes later, the ceremony was over, and we were back in the prep room laughing and dancing with each other while our guests waited in the main room.  A few minutes after that, we made our way back out to take pictures with everyone and thank everyone for coming.

After the ceremony and greetings, some of the guests (some of my cousins and a few friends) came back to our apartment for pasta and cake.  My brother from another mother (same one who took photos) and his girlfriend bought us a fantastic crystal centerpiece bowl on their way over.  It’s really stunning.  I don’t really know what else to say.

We’re married!

We just got married!

We just got married!

-Because I said so

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