iPhone Software Update 3.0

It’s about god damn time.  Yesterday morning the announcement was made that, come summer, the iPhone comes complete with MMS, cut/copy/paste, landscape keyboard functionality in Mail/Notes/SMS/etc, and more thanks to the 3.0 software update!

Unfortunately, we still don’t have the freedom to run background processes, and the camera is still comparatively sub-par, but hey, can’t win ’em all.

Back to the topic at hand, though.  In all honesty, I believe that if the iPhone had been anything other than the hype-machine it was when it was first released, or if it didn’t have such a beautiful and seamless user interface, or such a perfect marriage of phone, toy, internet device, media player, etc, the lack of MMS, background applications, copy/paste, etc, would have been very detrimental to its success.

I know when I say it that way, it sounds kind of stupid, but in my defense, most phones nowadays (even the cheaper ones) come standard with MMS functionality and a much better camera.  Then when you look at smartphones, serious communications devices that are supposed to have a wide range of functionalities, you expect to be able to run background processes.  In a nutshell, the iPhone lacked many basic features that most people take for granted on the majority of cell phones being produced.  Some of the major detractors of the iPhone have held up the aforementioned lacking features as their rallying banner for why the iPhone is terrible.

At least they still have background processes and camera resolution to keep them cohesive.

Back to the happy notes, however, these minor updates will be making a major difference in the usability and functionality of the iPhone.  It’s a great time to be an iPhone owner!

-Because I said so

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