A few weeks ago I submitted a support ticket to my company’s IT department regarding my mouse.  It was a standard optical mouse, and for the most part worked fine, except for the scroll wheel, which refused to scroll.  I use the scroll wheel often, so this was a problem.  I requested a replacement mouse, and was provided with one shortly thereafter.  However, it seems to me that my fortunes are now lower than they were with the stuck scroll wheel.

Why, do you ask?  I can answer that in six simple words.

It is not an optical mouse.

Anyone who has used the style of mouse before optical came to be should know of the shortfalls that come with it.  Today, I found myself once again pulling the mouse ball from the bottom and scraping the collected gunk from the three wheels to restore mouse functionality.

I haven’t had to do that for years.

It’s not a good nostalgiac feeling.

-Because I said so

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