No Zombie Love….

Lately I have been wanting to shoot, bludgeon, and destroy things in a video game but we don’t really have anything like that for our Wii. Over the weekend we checked out Target and Best Buy to browse through their selections but left disappointed.

We knew when we purchased the Wii that it would be mostly kiddie games but the Game Cube was promoted for being family friendly as well and I had 2 Metroids to choose from on top of multiple Resident Evils.

I was already miffed that Resident Evil 5 wasn’t brought over for the Wii so when I saw the lack of “kill em and grill em” games at the stores I pouted. Sure there was Mad World but I want something with a better story than a guy on a TV show and Sin City style graphics. I know there is a version of Dead Rising but no jumping? Come on! While House of the Dead never appealed to me. I am not too keen on “track style” shooters.

Yesterday while Chris was at work he sent me a link about upcoming Resident Evil titles for the Wii. As soon as I saw the headline on the page I got excited. Zombies for the Wii? Hells yes! When I read the article more my elation turned into bitterness. I thought for sure that RE 5 would be announced but nope. Instead I got to read about how a sequel to RE: Umbrella Chronicles (a stupid track style shooter) is in the works and how they are making (yes… again) the original Resident Evil and RE: Zero.

What the hell! Why is it so difficult to come out with a new game? If PS3 and Xbox 360 can get one, the Wii should too! It was a rip off when they made a Wii version of RE: 4 and that really irked me. I already own the Collectors Edition for Game Cube so there is no point in getting the Wii version.

As for the original RE, I owned the one for Play Station and I still have the revamped version for Game Cube. The graphics were great and I had no complaints. Why remake it AGAIN for the Wii? It makes no sense!! All they are going to do is make people sick of that game. How many more times do they expect me to purchase it? How many more times do they expect me to go through it? They honestly can only do so much.

With RE: Zero, it was originally meant for the N64 but they held off on it due to them wanting to release it on a disc based console. A cartridge couldn’t have held all the goodies they had in store for that game. While I don’t own it, I played it and beat it. The game was nice, graphics were great, and the end with how the bullet comes out of the chamber was brilliant. For them to change it over for the Wii depresses me. There was nothing in the game that I thought..”yeah, when they come out with a next gen Nintendo they totally need to redo this.”

So now I am left with no Zombie love. No slow walking undead beings groaning “braaaaiiinnnsss,” no magnum ammo to blast into anything that moves, no heart attacks from T-Virus infected beasts jumping through windows… I have happy go lucky characters.


– She Who Has The Last Word

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