Odd Search Results

On the backend for World of Meh’s WordPress, we have installed a statistics plugin that gives us a daily unique hits graph, top articles, top pages, and many other little tidbits of information.  By far, the most interesting, and hilarious information it provides are the top searches that result in finding our little piece of the pie.  It speaks volumes to the quality of content that one can find here at the World of Meh.  Allow me to present you with my favorite example today:

“hairy men iphone”

Apparently, we have talked so often about hairy men and iphones that we can be found through a search for “hairy men iphone”.  While I can recall many instances where I have mentioned iPhones, I can not so easily recall discussing hairy men.  That leaves me to wonder how that term has become associated with our humble blog…

I’m looking at you, Lindsey dearest.

-Because I said so

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