Saturday Shenanigans

I mentioned in the blogs yesterday that Saturday was pretty eventful – in both good and bad ways.

Chris and I woke up a little bit before 10 and started off our day being bums. While he was out taking Donnie for a walk I made a phone call to make an appointment to get my hair cut. I know this might not sound exciting but I haven’t had it cut, or even trimmed, since November 2007. I was way overdue. The last time I did get it cut I got lightheaded in the ladys chair because I was nervous.

I have problems with anxiety so my mind loves screwing with me on a regular basis. Getting my haircut is a recent development. I used to not have a problem before but now I do.

After booking the appointment, which was for 3:30, I started making lunch for the two of us. I started to cook some strips of chicken breast in a pan. Right when they were almost done I noticed that I didn’t hear any sizzles coming from the pan. I cranked up the heat, added some more olive oil, and still heard nothing. At that point I assumed that the burner had gone out, which was correct, so I then put the pan on another burner because the chicken needed to be finished.

I then put that burner at almost high heat and waited a couple of minutes. Nothing happened. I was able to touch the burner with my bare hands and obviously my hands are fine because I am able to type this blog.

We were having company come over later on that evening for dinner and I was getting a bit freaked out that I wouldn’t be able to cook anything so I placed a call to our apartment maintenance man. While on the phone with him he had me check to see if maybe the fuse blew and everything looked perfectly fine. While I was in the shower he came and had to turn the connection off and will have to wait until Monday to come and fix it.

Apparently Donnie was going ape shit when the maintenance guy came over and Chris had to spend the entire time holding him back. Oh what a fierce protector!

After that we went to get my hair cut and nothing eventful happened there. When you really think about it, there is nothing too terribly exciting about somebody putting scissors next to your head and cutting something that is dead. There was this one guy who was there getting his hair trimmed and he was a total ass. Chris couldn’t even stand the guy. He was bragging about how he just got a ticket on the way there for speeding and how he has so many tickets. He claimed to have about 12 of them and I personally feel that he was full of shit. If he honestly had that many tickets his license would have been suspended, easily.

Chris and I were worried about dinner because our friends who were coming over were bringing pasta but you can’t really have a proper dinner with just pasta. My original plan was to make homemade meatballs, a salad, and then I was going to bake either cookies or a cake. With no oven or stoke I couldn’t very well accomplish those things so we headed off to Costco.

None of their pre-made entrees caught our eyes so we just got stuff for a salad and left. We then made a short stop at Vons to grab something for dessert and a freshly baked loaf of French bread.

Since we are still addicted to our Wii our apartment was a bit messy. While I was preparing what little food we could make, Chris was busy cleaning things up.

Our friends were supposed to get to our place at 7 and when 7 came around we were good to go. A little while later we looked at the clock and I saw that it was 7:20. Ok…. well maybe there is traffic. Instead of us standing around looking like a couple of goons, we turned on the Wii and played a little bit of Animal Crossing.

It was a few minutes before 8 when they finally showed up and I was starved by that point. The table was all set up and ready to go so we got right to business – stuffing our faces.

Recently my stomach has been pretty sensitive due to me having acid reflux so when I saw the pasta I knew that it would fuck my world up. I didn’t want to be rude so I had a little bit, and by a little bit I mean like 7 pieces. Even Chris said that it was a bit strong because as he was eating it, it started to burn the back of his throat and he has a cast iron stomach.

After dinner we had some dessert, talked a little bit, and then around 10:30 they left. Chris and I finally got into bed around 12:30 and fell asleep to the Food Network like we always do.

I typically set a sleep timer for 60 minutes but last night I set it to 80.

About 40 minutes into my sleep I was woken up by a horrible pain in my stomach and I knew what it was. A couple of times my stomach has acted up like that and it landed me in the emergency room. I was determined not to go there and to just tough it out. i stayed on my right side until I couldn’t take it anymore. From there I propped myself up on my pillows and just tried to force myself back to sleep.

Since my body loves me oh so much I got to enjoy not just the stomach pains but a migraine as well. After wanting to just die for about a half hour the pain in my stomach started to lessen but then I started to feel myself get lightheaded. 15 minutes later I shifted over to my right side and a little bit after that I knew I was going to get sick.

When I was sick about a month ago Chris put a large white plastic bowl next to my side of the bed. Being the tidy people that we are, the same bowl was there last night. On my way to the bathroom I grabbed the bowl because I didn’t want to puke all over myself while going pee. (I know, you can thank me for the graphic mental images later.)

So I sat on the porcelain god doing my business when all of a sudden I felt my stomach constrict. Totally glad that I had the bowl because I couldn’t stop myself from throwing up. The bowl was massive and I filled almost 1/4 of it. Since a majority of it was straight stomach acid it burned like a mother fucker coming up and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for myself. Poor Chris heard me start to heave and he threw the covers off of him and raced into the bathroom to make sure I was fine.

After everything was OK and I knew that it was going to be all quiet on the Western front, we went back to bed only to hear our sorry excuse of a neighbor. If it wasn’t for the fact that I felt like somebody had beaten me with a baseball bat I would have gone over there and told them to knock it the hell off or I was going to call the cops. I was so over it at that point.

Thankfully I was able to fall back asleep and when I woke up this morning I was so, so, so sore throughout my entire abdominal region. Chris and I were going to try and meet Melyssa around 11ish at the local museum but that wasn’t an option this morning so, sorry Melyssa! Maybe next time?

Well now I am going to continue being a bum on the couch and get grumbled at by Donnie because I won’t let him on top of my chest or lap.

Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend!

– She Who Has The Last Word

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