Super Poopy Duper!

Around 2 PM today I took Donnie out for a walk so that he could do his business. To the right of our apartment door there is a nice grassy area that goes the entire length of the complex. I typically take him around that area instead of through gravel or on pavement.

I noticed that he kept wanting to go towards the parking lot but there really is no grass in that area except for what is in front of our bastard neighbors. After him only going pee I decided to let him roam around the area he kept tugging me to.

He started to go around their front door and immediately the first thought in my head was, “Oh no, watch him totally take a dump on their doorstep.” I don’t care for the neighbors and would have gotten a laugh out of it. Instead he started pacing around their grass and totally dropped a fat one.

Even though I despise the guy living next to me I did the right thing by picking it up and throwing it away (not with my bare hands you sickos, but with the little doggie baggy thing we have attached to his leash).

Thank you Donnie for taking a much needed shit on our neighbors. You truly are a badass dog!

– She Who Has The Last Word

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