Waiting for Watchmen

Last night Chris and I attended the midnight premiere for Watchmen, and it was epic. Both Chris and I will be making a blog with our own personal reviews however this particular blog is to clue you in about the idiots we had to tolerate for 2 hours prior to the movie starting.

Earlier in the day we had picked up our tickets and some snackies because, let’s be honest, the prices for snacks at the theatre are absolutely ridiculous.

After doing some other things throughout the day we got ready and headed off to Edwards Theatre. Immediately we were shocked that there wasn’t a line outside. I made a remark to Chris that since it was cold, maybe they were allowing the line to be inside. He quickly disputed my idea stating that when the third Matrix movie was released it was December and they had the lines outside. Listening to him, I thought that maybe in the Fresno/Clovis area there weren’t a lot of Watchmen fans.

Since we already had our tickets we went on in and Chris asked if they were allowing the line to be inside, in which he was answered with a “yes.” Ah HAH! I was correct!

Chris had already eaten but I was starved but at 10:00 pm, my choices in the area were really limited. Most of the eating establishments in the area were closed so I had to accept my fate and get raped by the concession stand. Chris went to get our place in line while I proceeded to order. The hotdog I got was gross. The bun was dry and I seriously wanted to die after eating it. The soft pretzel I got was just OK but for some reason the salt on it really crunched between my teeth and I got worried! I thought… “oh great, here I go cracking a tooth on something so silly as salt.” Luckily my chompers were fine (tomorrow is a different story for when I go to the dentist…ugh) and I think I had like 8 sips from the large soda I got.

$5.50 for a large soda! I couldn’t believe it!

I thought I as going to have a heart attack because, and this might make me sound old, I remember a time where I could get a large soda for under $2.50. What made me shake my head was the fact that a medium was $5.00 yet for 50 cents more you could get the large which was significantly larger and came with free refills. What a fucking jip!

Anyhoo… luck was on our side because we got to actually sit in the theatre and wait rather than having to wait outside or stand for an hour and a half however I got the wonderful honor of having some asshole sitting next to me.

Chris was tired and fell asleep on my shoulder for a little over an hour so he didn’t get the pleasure of hearing the douche.

Here is how it went:

A guy sat two seats to the right of me and he was fine. Very quiet, kept to himself, no problem. 15 minutes after he sat down a large group of his friends arrived. He moved further down, closer to the aisle, and I got some loud mouth prick 3 seats away.

I really wanted to smack the guy… but I refrained.

This guy was under the sad assumption that he was indeed Chris Rock. I got to hear him rattle on and on about comic movies. Hearing him rant about comic movies made me sick to my stomach because geeks have a bad rep as is. We don’t need this dick making us look worse.

He constantly used the word son as in, “Yo, that shit was tight son!” I also got to hear “n***a” an obscene amount of times.

“Oh fuck Spiderman son! Fucking Peter Parker is a broke ass n***a!”

“Watchmen is like X-Men on drugs son. It’s a dark ass comic.”

“Iron Man is a straight up pimp. He’s got money, bitches, and a suit made of iron n***a!”

Never in my life have I valued the true English language until last night.

After more of his stupid comments Chris finlly woke up, just in time for them to air “The Twenty” which is a segment that lasts for 20 minutes right before the previews begin. Sometimes they show some decent stuff like trivia, spoilers for popular TV shows, and other stuff.

Instead of getting something good we got to hear/see (for the millionth time mind you) Kid Rocks shitty song about the military. It’s not a good song, he can’t sing to save his life, and I really don’t care to hear it while I am waiting for a movie.

Finally after suffering through about two hours of bullshit the lights went down, the previews started, and that is where this blog will end because what happened after that is meant for an entirely different blog.

Fun times though, eh?

– She Who Has The Last Word

  • deaf_omega

    I bring in my food and drinks NEVER pay for them

    I went to a grocery deli once and brought two big ass hoagies to munch

    other times I have brought, wendys or tacos…..

    I have brought in a 12 pack of brew and split it with my friend

    Even….Smoked a joint….(that took balls seriously)

    but fuck movie theaters, if they want my business they need to step it up…NOT A ONE out here has fucking pizza or hotdogs or ANYTHING

    you get popcorn candy and pop

    I say fuck them, and just sneak in what I really want during a movie

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