Year 1 Episode 11 Recap

Episode 11 is done and gone!  We were worried at the start of the show because we had absolutely no viewers!  However, as we soldiered on, our awesome viewers started popping in.

We had a short show, clocking in at well under two hours, which was actually kind of strange.  We had a full week to talk about, and a prepared list of show notes, but were only able to jibber-jabber for a little over an hour and a half.  Length aside, though, we feel it was a good show.  We discussed our visit with The Married Gamers and our feature spot on episode 90 of their weekly podcast, as well as our need to reschedule our upcoming Episode 12!  We will be out of town Friday and Saturday, and will be unable to broadcast at our regular time.  We’ve scheduled Episode 12 to take place on Sunday, March 22, at 2:00pm PST (5:00pm EST).

Other than that, we had a variety of topics ranging from movie news to gaming news to irrelevant news.  You know, the usual.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you guys on Sunday!

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