Fish sticks?

Most people have heard about the recent South Park episode that makes fun of Kanye West’s ego by means of a childish joke.  We watched it via (Where the creators have put up every South Park episode for free viewing) a few days ago, and enjoyed it a great deal.  Kanye West’s ego was heavily put in check.  He was the only person in the world who didn’t understand the following joke:

Hey, do you like fish sticks?


What are you, some kind of gay fish?

His inability to understand the joke lead him to believe people were seriously calling him a gay fish, which resulted in a violent rampage against the joke’s creators (Carlos Mencia, who is a talentless dickweed, got his ass kicked on the way).

The real Kanye West seems to have enjoyed the show and actually learned a bit of a lesson about his ego from the episode.

Holy crap, I thought that would be impossible.

-Because I said so

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