Lollapalooza 2009

August 7th-9th, 2009 will witness the return of the legendary concert festival known as Lollapalooza in Chicago, IL at Grant Park.  Performers include TOOL, Jane’s Addiction, Beastie Boys, Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon, The Killers, The Kaiser Chiefs, and many more.  Advance 3-day passes are currently available for $190 each, with regular pricing tickets still TBD.  VIP Lounge passes are available at $850 a piece, and private Cabanas are available for large parties at an undisclosed price.  If Lindsey and I were to buy tickets, airfare, and hotel now, we would be spending over $1,600 after tax.  We don’t have $1,600 right now, so…yeah.

Whoops! Where did that come from? Who put that there? Oh well, what’s done is done!

-Because I said so

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