MehCast Fail

I’m sitting here on my iPhone in a Starbucks about 45 minutes from home while Lindsey handles a very last minute Mary Kay appointment. I brought the laptop and our broadcasting equipment so that I could do the MehCast on time. Twenty minutes to show time, I try to boot up, only to be greeted by a heinous system error. Unable to get into Windows at all, I am left with no choice but to do a partial system recovery from the recovery discs I luckily keep in the case. Unfortunately, the recovery will take close to an hour from this point, so there is no chance the MehCast will go live anywhere near on time. By the time it would be ready to go again, I’d be on my way back home.

I am terribly sorry for the lack of a new episode tonight. I feel awful. We’ll make it up to you.

-Because I said so

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