Sukiyaki Western Django

Ok.  Last week we rented a few movies, one of which was Sukiyaki Western Django.  We just finished watching it this very moment, and I could not wait to provide the internet with my review.

It was ass.  There were some cool bits, but it should have been done in Japanese, because the actors were very awkward speaking in English, and it affected the quality of their performances.  It’s supposed to be a parody, or an homage, or something else, but it ends up just being not very good.  Some of the cinematography was interesting, and the plot was nice(ish), but it was painfully obvious that the actors were uncomfortable speaking in English.

On the plus side, we got a huge laugh out of just how bad this movie was, so maybe it wasn’t a complete waste of time after all?

Let me put it this way…You’ve heard of movies so bad that they’re good?  This movie is so bad that it’s good, and what it’s good at is being really bad.

We totally recommend it.

-Because I said so

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