Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 1

Today, for the first time in almost two months, I spent some time with Super Mario Galaxy on our Wii.  I had played through the first star back in February when we first got it, but put it aside for a very long time in favor of Animal Crossing, since it is such a relaxing game.  For some reason, though, Mario caught my eye this morning, and I decided to give it some love.

Having spent more time playing, I have been getting more accustomed to the unique (and, at times, impractical) camera angles of the game.  I’ve been enjoying the gravity features of the game, and I had a great time during my brief stint as Bee Mario!  I’m up to 4 stars and over 600 Star Bits now, with quite a ways to go!  I’m looking forward to playing more and letting you all know how I’m progressing.

-Because I said so

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