Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 2

Last night, in between watching the Food Network, Scrubs, DVR’d episodes of WCG Ultimate Gamer, and the season premiere of Dinner: Impossible, I found time to squeeze in some more Super Mario Galaxy.  I’ve completed the first set of Galaxies completely (both of the full three-star galaxies, all three special one-star galaxies, and the Bowser, Jr. boss galaxy), and have started in on the second set of Galaxies, completing one of the special one-star galaxies so far.  There have been a few “figure it out” moments for completing certain areas, but overall it’s been a lot of fun.

I do have one returning gripe from Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS.  I give due attention to building my number of lives by way of gathering coins, star bits, and 1-up mushrooms whenever possible, generally getting well into double digits.  However, the next time you start up your saved game, no matter how many lives you have built up, you always return to only 4.  I find this to be ridiculous, because I do put a great deal of effort into gathering the items necessary for building my reserve of extra lives, apparently only to have that effort completely wasted the next time I play.

Humbug, I say.

-Because I said so

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