Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 3

In my third progress update, we continue on our path of conquering the Fountain Observatory galaxies, having completely conquered the Terrace Observatory galaxies by the second progress update.  Currently, I stand at 17 stars and over 1,000 star bits.  I have completed the Space Junk galaxy, and when next I play, I will be challenging the Battlerock galaxy.  I beat the special Rolling Green galaxy in my second progress update, but didn’t go into very much detail about it.  It was very interesting, and consisted of Mario keeping balance on top of a large hamster-ball containing a star, which had to be navigated through the course into the hole at the end.  Very fun, but difficult at times.  I currently have enough stars to battle Bowser in the Fountain Observatory, but as the game will become progressively harder, and stars will be more difficult to come by, I prefer to stockpile as many of the easier stars as I can in order to alleviate future frustration and fury.

Last night, I encountered a new feature of the game. I was informed that “Prankster Comets” had arrived.  Each type of prankster comet has a different effect on the galaxy it happens to be orbiting.  These comets can provide special bonus stars that would not otherwise be available.  The four types of prankster comet were explained:

Speedy Comets:  These comets limit the amount of time you spend in the galaxy.  They put you through a star course that you have completed already, but with a time limit.  If you complete the course within the time limit, you get a bonus star.  This is the only one I have experienced so far.

Daredevil Comets:  These comets leave you with low life in a level.  I have not experienced this one further to give more details, but I assume you start with 1-2 bars of life (out of 3), and are most likely unable to replenish beyond that limit.

Cosmic Comets:  These comets make you race a cosmic mirror version of your character.  From what I’ve read, if you hit a galaxy with a cosmic comet in orbit, you merely have to beat your doppelganger in a race to win the star.

Fast Foe Comets:  These comets make your enemies move faster.  I assume this works in the same way as the speedy comet, in that you complete a full star course, but with the added hurdle of faster enemies (instead of a time limit).

So far, I’m very intrigued by this feature.  I can’t wait to try out the other comet courses to gain extra stars, as well as the bonus galaxies I have gained outside of the Observatories (I have uncovered two, and beaten one).

Progress Update 4 will be coming soon!

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