Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 4

Shortly after we wrapped up episode 15 of the MehCast, I fired up the Wii and got into a new set of Super Mario Galaxy adventures.  I mentioned the Prankster Comets in my third progress update, and I have some more details now due to experiencing two more last night.  I gained another star from the Terrace Observatory via the Good Egg Galaxy using a Speedy Comet, as well as completing the Fountain Observatory’s special galaxy, the Sling Pod Galaxy.  Within the Fountain Observatory itself, aside from completing the Space Junk Galaxy, the Hurry-Scurry Galaxy (a one-star galaxy), and the Battlerock Galaxy, I gained extra stars from the Daredevil Comet and the Cosmic Comet.  I had very few details about these two comets in my third update, having had no experience, but now I can verify some of my assumptions.  With the Daredevil Comet, you go through the boss fight with only 1 piece of health.  Sustain a single hit, and it’s time to retry.  After a couple of tries, I finally got through that one.  The Cosmic Comet was much easier, consisting of a special race (this one was on foot) through the level to a special star.  First one to the star wins.  Very straightforward, very simple (so far).  I have not yet experienced the Fast Foe Comet, but am looking forward to it.  I now have every star from the first two observatories except for the Bowser star from the Fountain Observatory.  I just finished gathering all of the other observatory stars, so Bowser is up next!  I’ll let everyone know how it went in progress update 5.

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