Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 6

The sixth progress update finds me just outside the Kitchen Observatory, where I have unlocked another special one-star galaxy called the Drip Drop Galaxy.  This galaxy is a water world with a pair of small safe islands for resting, if necessary.  In this world, you are told that holding a red or green shell while underwater dramatically increases your swimming speed.  In fact, it makes you outpace anything else in the world with ease.  I enjoyed this element a great deal, because I have always hated the decreased speed and maneuverability of underwater play in the Mario games.  While that remains the same sans-shell, with a shell you have incredible speed and far greater maneuverability than you could have imagined.  After this victory, which placed me at 30 stars, I re-entered the Kitchen Observatory.  I had already defeated one of the Kitchen Observatory’s one-star galaxies, and with the 30th star in my hands, I was able to unlock the second one-star galaxy, known as the Buoy Base Galaxy.  This galaxy started with an underwater goal before you could attempt the ground goal.  However, while attempting the underwater goal, I uncovered a secret warp pipe that gave me a secret star.  The star was green, which was a first for me.  After obtaining the star, I was treated to what can only be considered a “cut scene” where it was explained that Green Power Stars had a special power, the ability to unlock a gateway to a special set of galaxies known as “Trial Galaxies”.  I need two more green stars to fully materialize the green gateway.  After this explanation, I headed back to the Kitchen Observatory for the real Buoy Base star.  It was a fun ride, and I ended my night at 32 stars with two three-star galaxies to go before facing Bowser again.

Progress Update 7 coming soon!

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