Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 8

Never fear, I haven’t given up on this game quite yet!  Life has been good at keeping me away from it for the past couple of weeks, but no longer!  Progress update 8 finds me back in the Kitchen Observatory, collecting more stars!  Having completed all but one galaxy in the Kitchen Observatory (other than the Bowser Galaxy), I turn my attention to the Ghostly Galaxy’s first star, “Luigi and the Haunted Mansion”.  This star gave me my first experience with Boo Mario and my first meeting with Luigi!  Boo Mario is a great cap.  You can float as well as pass through bars, etc with ease, which is necessary for completing the level.  After meeting up with Luigi and gaining the power star, I sat through a cut-scene where I was told to talk to the newly freed Luigi for some help and information.  Luigi told me that I had missed a star in the Good Egg Galaxy and told me that if he found it, he’d write me a letter.  After this, I jumped back into the Ghostly Galaxy for star 2!  While heading into the star course, I found a secret route, and gladly followed.  This was a very difficult (at first) star to get.  You had a small area of ground to walk on, and it was constantly moving forward towards your destination.  You had to follow the ground, or risk falling off.  It was very surreal.  This star having been attained, I experienced another cut-scene, with a picture card from Luigi stating that he had found the Good Egg star, but was stuck!  The picture showed his location in the galaxy, and, eager for another star, I headed over!  Back in the Terrace Observatory, I enter the Good Egg Galaxy and quickly find Luigi to obtain the star he posesses.  At this point, our dog started growling at Mario for some reason.  Undeterred, Mario re-entered the second Ghostly Galaxy star.  This star consisted of a space race between Mario and a giant Boo.  It was a bit difficult, but very fun.  Now at 40 stars, a new chapter has been added to Rosalina’s Storybook, and Progress Update 8 comes to a close!

Keep your eyes open for Progress Update 9!

-Because I said so

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