Treasure Island

I’ve read this book many times before, and each time is just as fun as the last.  Written by Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island was meant for his stepson, who inspired the entire story by drawing a simple island map where buried treasure lay.  While a children’s book at heart, the novel deals with many adult concepts, such as moral ambiguity in Long John Silver’s ability to switch allegiences without a second thought if it is of benefit to him, deception and murder in Israel Hands’ attempts to use Hawkins towards his own ends followed by his attempts to murder the young Hawkins, and more.  However, this is dealt with in a way that still makes it a wholesome book for people of all ages, and while many people may not have read this book, there are very few people who have not seen the influence this book has had on the modern idea of a pirate.  Peg legs, parrots on the shoulder, treasure maps with x’s marking the spot, and more all draw their popular culture origins directly from the imagination of Robert Louis Stevenson.

Read this book.

Yarr, mateys.

-Because I said so

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