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Lindsey and I were up very late a few nights ago, and we noticed something on the Sci-Fi channel called “WCG Ultimate Gamer”.  Both of us being avid gamers, this piqued our curiosity, and we switched over.  What we saw was a re-run of the first episode of WCG Ultimate Gamer, a “reality” competition show with video game challenges.  It’s a very interesting show, and the subject matter is being handled very well (although neither of us are fond of the female presenter).  The “real-life” challenges are fun to watch, as are the “isolation” challenges.  The face-off elimination at the end of each show is also very entertaining.  Of course, with any “reality” competition type show like this, they all live in the same house, so a portion of each episode is dedicated to drama and conflict between the gamers involved (shock!).  However, while the conflict and drama (see how I switched it up there?) can have an effect on the elimination portion of the show, it generally takes a backseat to the gaming and the competition, which I find to be very nice.

Now, Lindsey and I have played video games all our lives.  I remember as a child playing Airlock, Tanks, Frogger, Pitfall, Pac-Man, Breakout, Pong, and more on the Atari 2600 my parents received as a wedding gift way back when.  Lindsey got her first NES when she was 5, and loved it.  Both of us continued purchasing new systems as they came out, always looking forward to the next great game.  Lindsey, however, outpaced me in the field of online play (something I never really got into).  In her experience with online gaming via Xbox Live, as well as her attendance of MLG events and tournaments, she became very familiar with many of the great “pro” gamers and top contenders.  Imagine her surprise when she saw one of her very good friends from that scene as one of the competitors on WCG Ultimate Gamer (Robert, aka Prodigy X)?  Then imagine her surprise when she saw someone she despised (MrsViolence), and someone she disliked (Athena) on the show as well (the despised one was sent home when she lost the Virtua Fighter 5 elimination face-off).  It’s always fun to see people you know on TV.  It’s even more fun when they’re someone you don’t like and you can watch them fail in front of millions of people.

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