Year 1 Episode 15 Recap

Coming into our 15th episode (holy cow, that went quickly), we were a bit rushed.  We had taken a nap, and woke up with just enough time to start doing our show notes and get our equipment set up.  We were still working on the tail end of our show notes as we started the show!  We had a great time with this episode.  After having lighter content episodes for the past few weeks, resulting in shorter shows, we returned to form with over two and a half hours of us chatting about stuff that nobody cares about!  We had some new viewers, which we were, of course, very glad to have.  One viewer even came all the way from Spain (and only spoke Spanish).  This resulted in a fairly large derailment of the show, as Lindsey and I tried to remember our high school Spanish classes and some of our viewers tried translating through Babelfish!

One of these days, we’ll go back and try to recover our older show notes (if we kept them) and put up a new section containing them all for people to peruse (if people even give a crap about that kind of thing).  We’ll probably have to watch some of our own episodes and take notes, which should be a blast.  You know what?  How about this: If anyone reads this, let us know what you think about the show notes idea.  We’ll take our little audience poll and let that decide!

-Because I said so

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