Year 1 Episode 16 Recap

Episode 16 has come and gone, and with it another week in our lives.  It’s odd to think that we’ve been doing this for sixteen straight weeks.  Episode 16 was a standard episode, discussing the week’s topics, and whatever movies, tv shows, etc that we had watched or wanted to watch.  We put together another weekly list of suggestions:

Song of the Week (Chris): Refused – Summerholidays vs. Punkroutine

Song of the Week (Lindsey): Alien Ant Farm – Movies

TV Show of the Week (Chris): Bully Beatdown

TV Show of the Week (Lindsey): Days of Our Lives

Movie of the Week (Chris): The Prestige

Movie of the Week (Linsey): Beauty Shop

iPhone App of the Week (Chris): Stanza

iPhone App of the Week (Lindsey): Pandora

Video Game of the Week (Chris): Super Mario Galaxy

Video Game of the Week (Lindsey): Ghost Recon

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Thanks for watching and reading!
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