Duke Nukem Forever/Duke Nukem Never

Almost 12 years have passed since the sequel to Duke Nukem 3D was announced by 3D Realms.  12 long years of screenshots, development updates, and interminable delays.  Duke Nukem Forever has become a vaporware legend for it’s 12 year development period with no playable demo or beta release, and every-few-years screenshot releases.  It seems that the delays may be over, albeit not in the way many of us had hoped.  News has hit today that 3D Realms may be shutting down.  It has been confirmed by some, but not by others, so the news is of questionable veracity.  If it is true, however, Duke Nukem Forever will be cemented in the annals of history as the greatest vaporware title ever to be produced (or not produced, as it were).  It is a sad day for fans of the groundbreaking series.

A sad day indeed.

-Because I said so

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