Episode 17 Recap

One day before Episode 18 hits, and the Episode 17 recap is going up!  Talk about time management, folks!

Episode 17 was over 3 hours (we had a lot of time to make up from missing the previous week!), and it was a lot of fun.  We had a lot to talk about.  We discussed potentially moving the show from UStream.TV to Justin.TV because of the number of users being so much larger on Justin.TV.  Please send us your feedback on that issue.

We doubled up our “of the week” items to make up for the missing week:

Song of the Week (Chris): Offspring – Session / Youthinasia – Stolen
Song of the Week (Lindsey): Cherry Waves – Deftones / Still Running – Chevelle

TV Show of the Week (Chris): Spaced, The Big Bang Theory
TV Show of the Week (Lindsey): Chelsea Lately / Unwrapped
Movie of the Week (Chris): Rounders, Swingers
Movie of the Week (Linsey): Leon: The Professional / Full Metal Jacket
iPhone App of the Week (Chris): WordPress, Muddled
iPhone App of the Week (Lindsey): Buzzer / Trace
Video Game of the Week (Chris): Sega Dreamcast – Virtua Tennis, Crazy Taxi
Video Game of the Week (Lindsey): Altered Beast (Genesis) / DOOM 3 (XBox)
See you guys tomorrow for Episode 18!
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