Episode 19 Recap

Episode 19 was a good, long, fun episode.  Shortly into the episode, we had to accelerate our migration plans by moving the show over to Justin.TV early.  UStream had been experiencing severe technical issues that resulted in our decision.  Going forward, all episodes will be broadcast through Justin.TV.  We talked about the same kind of thing as usual, and the same range of topics.

Our weekly choices were:

Song Chris: Bedouin Soundclash – When the night feels my song

Song Lindsey: Deftones – Sinatra

Movie Chris: Karate Kid

Movie Lindsey: Monster’s Inc.

TV show Chris: Fringe

TV show Lindsey: Chappelle’s Show

VG Chris: Burnout 3

VG Lindsey: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

iPhone Chris: fourfree

iPhone Lindsey: iTranslate

See you on Justin.TV for episode 20, coming up tonight!

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