Fable (Xbox)

Last week, I finally had the chance to play through Fable on the Xbox.  I remember looking forward to this game with great anticipation when it was first announced, but never having the chance to give it a try.  Last week, in a used game store, we saw a clean copy for 7.99, and picked it up fairly quickly.  We got home, and I started my life in Albion.

The controls were fantastic.  I had no problem picking them up and getting used to the possibilities they provided.  I greatly appreciated the combat system, as well as the magic system.  Magical spells were very easy to access and use while in battle without much distraction.  The game, visually, was beautiful.  The story was wonderful, and the weapon augmentation system was a real treat.  The quests were fun, and progressively challenging.  You can even kick the chickens that roam around towns.  Everything about this RPG was fantastic.

Except for the fact that I was able to fully complete the game in about 9 hours.

-Because I said so

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