Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 10

One month since progress update 9 has passed, and we have finally arrived at progress update 10!  I finally sat down and put Super Mario Galaxy back into the Wii.  Last time I checked in, I had completed three full observatories, and was looking forward to entering into the fourth observatory, the Bedroom Observatory.  The Bedroom Observatory, as I mentioned in progress update 9, differs from the previous observatories by having only one one-star galaxy and three three-star galaxies, rather than two one-star galaxies and two three-star galaxies.

I went in and took on the one-star galaxy first to get it out of the way.  The Honeyclimb Galaxy star consisted of heavy use of the Bee Mario suit, requiring you to essentially climb a honeycomb cliff using the suit to reach the star at the top.  Following this, I jumped into the first three-star galaxy I saw, which was the Freezeflame Galaxy.  We have now arrived at the first ice galaxy.  The first star I attempted had me assaulting the pinnacle of the planet, climbing up the peak by using the Ice Flower extensively, as well as the newly introduced skating ability, which allows Mario to skate across ice surfaces, providing a great deal of control that is usually lacking in ice levels.  Reaching the top, I defeated Baron Brrr fairly easily, and earned my second star of the night.

At this point, I set the game aside for the night.  I’ll try to play again tomorrow and put up progress update 11!

-Because I said so

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