Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 11

Progress update 11 is here!  As soon as I started my play file, I noticed that one of the toadstools had a mail icon, meaning I had a message.  I retrieved a letter from Luigi, who was informing me that he had found a new star in one of my previous galaxies.  He included a snapshot of the location so that I could figure out what galaxy he was in.  I also received a letter from Princess Peach, which included 5 1-Ups!

Taking Luigi’s snapshot, I tried to remember the name of the galaxy he was in.  After browsing through a few galaxies, I finally arrived at an answer: The Battlerock Galaxy from the Fountain Observatory.  I found Luigi fairly early in, and rescued him.  He provided me with one of the special green stars I mentioned in an earlier progress update, putting me one closer to the special green star gate becoming available!  Having completed this, I made my way back to the Bedroom Observatory, and jumped back into the Freezeflame Galaxy for the second star.  This galaxy was mentioned in the previous progress update as being the first full ice galaxy in the game.  That, apparently, was incorrect.  The twin of the ice planet in this galaxy is a lava planet, and it’s where I was headed next.  A new foe awaited me in the form of a giant rolling ball of lava with eyes.  Fortunately, they were very slow and easy to avoid.  Eventuall, in this level, I was able to find a Fire Flower!  Fire Mario had arrived!  The Fire Flower in Super Mario Galaxy is a limited effect flower like the Ice Flower, so I had to move fast.  For some reason, fireballs were the only way to vanquish the giant rolling balls of FIRE (whatever).  They are also the only thing that can light fires in the empty urns.  This is necessary, because they open doors and raise platforms to allow you to progress in the game.  It actually becomes necessary to complete the level, as you have to light two urns from across the lava in order to extend the bridge to the star.  It was difficult to aim across the lava, but I managed it and got the star!  I decided to stop at this point, because I had a bit of a headache, but I’ll pick it up again sometime tonight, I’m sure!

Progress Update 12 coming soon!

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