Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 12

After playing some Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy with Lindsey, she headed off, and I started up Super Mario Galaxy!  I headed back into the Bedroom Observatory, and noticed that the Freezeflame Galaxy had a Cosmic Comet in orbit!  I jumped in and got ready to race!  One quick dash later, I have another star.  I headed back into the Freeflame Galaxy for the third official star.  This star had me experience both ice and lava elements of the Freezeflame Galaxy.  An interesting ability of the Ice Flower is that it turns water into ice whenever you walk over it.  Also interesting is the fact that it can turn lava into ice when you walk over it.  This was handy, as the only way to get to the star was to pass through alternating areas of ice and lava, with a good number of Ice Flowers thrown in at strategic locations.  Having mastered ice skating over pools of lava, I obtained yet another star.  The fifth Freezeflame Galaxy star was waiting for me, so back I went!  This star was very difficult.  Not because of a difficult enemy, but because it required a great deal of timing and skilled jumping.  It took multiple tries to get to the top of the mountain, beyond Baron Brrr, but I was finally able to make it and claim the star!  I had now fully completed the Freezeflame Galaxy.

Given the frustration I experienced during the final Freezeflame Galaxy star, I decided to end Progress Update 12, and go to the grocery store for some milk.

Progress Update 13 will be up soon!

-Because I said so

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