The Man?

Damn the Man!  Fight the power!  Vive la Resistance!

Wait…am I allowed to say that now?  For the last eight years, I was part of that group of people who could say stuff like that.  I was the revolution.  I was the oppressed masses.  I was the righteous anger.

Now I’m the man; I’m the power.  I can’t say “Damn the Man!” anymore.  Why would I damn myself?  I can’t “fight the power”, because I’m not in second grade anymore, so why would I be hitting myself?  The roles have been reversed.  The Man is the Revolution, and the Revolution is the Man.

On the one hand, it sucks, because there’s a certain sense of pride and importance in being the resistance, and it is very hard to quickly change a mindset eight years in the making.  On the other hand, as the Man, things should start going my way, right?  Well, that’s the plan, at least.

Fingers crossed, eh?

-Because I said so

I'm the Ambassador of Kickyourassador. I am the Walrus. I'm on a highway to the Danger Zone. I am the Kwisatz Haderach.I do things with words that have a generally geeky gist.

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