The Adventures of AT&T and Apple: Mystery of the Assholes and the First Generation iPhone

I own a first generation iPhone.  I don’t qualify for an upgrade price until October of 2010, so I will continue to own a first generation iPhone for quite a while, I believe.  I have, generally, had no problems with my phone, and have held it very close to my heart since my wife bought it for me in February of 2008.  My love for my phone hasn’t diminished.

My love for Apple and AT&T has been shattered.

As an owner of a first generation product that is, arguably, still only in its second generation of development (or generation 2.5, if you must), I still expect a considerable level of product support from the manufacturer (Apple) and the content provider (AT&T).  I was looking forward to the 3.0 OS update very eagerly, as it meant I could finally MMS, among other things.  One of the things I gave up when getting the iPhone was MMS, and it was something I used often, so it was the primary feature I wanted to regain.

Oh, but wait!  What’s that, AT&T and Apple?  The iPhone 3.0 software does not provide MMS functionality for first generation iPhones? You’ve left cab money on the dresser for me to make my way home?  You have an important meeting in the morning?  You’ll call me?  Ok, that all sounds perfectly reasonable!

Fuck you Apple.

Fuck you AT&T.

-Because I said so

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