TweetDeck for the iPhone

Yesterday evening, TweetDeck was released into the Apple App Store for download on the iPhone.  The iPhone TweetDeck application is available free of charge.  The interface is very similar to that of the full PC version of TweetDeck.  The column system remains, and is reminiscent of the iPhone’s Safari page switching style, in that the columns do not take the entire screen, but are slightly smaller.  Column switching is done with the flick of a finger, just like changing pages on your iPhone’s home screen.  It is an excellent translation from desktop to iPhone.  The biggest feature, however, is the newly implemented Sync, which allows your desktop TweetDeck and iPhone TweetDeck to sync all changes with each other, ensuring that whether on your PC or on your iPhone, your TweetDeck experience is consistent.  Any changes made in one reflect in the other.

TweetDeck for the iPhone: 2 thumbs enthusiastically up.

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