WoW, Just WoW Pt. 2

Some of you might remember my post from 6 days ago about the kid freaking out that his Mom cancelled his World of Warcraft account. Apparently it wasn’t, but that just means we are given the opportunity to laugh some more at this sad kid and his addiction to WoW.

This morning I get up, get on AIM, and Chris  sends me a link to this wonderful gem on Youtube….

I will say that my favorite line was where he yells at some guy on how he was going to find him, kill him, and then eat his first born child. Dude needs some serious help, but I hope this isn’t the last we see of his freak outs. They are just too golden!

btw, here is a link to wafflepwn’s (the brother who records all of the antics) Youtube channel. If you have an account, I highly suggest you subscribe like I just did because I have a feeling there will be more legendary moments to come.

– She Who Has The Last Word

  • deaf_omega

    at what point…does his mom need to literally stop his entire gaming activities

    I would probly have slapped my kid and removed all his games from the house…he would be done for good….

    that is just fucking retarded

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