Anxiety Kicking In

I’ve never blogged about this before, but I actually suffer from anxiety. Unfortunately the anxiety also causes panic attacks, and I do have a bit of agoraphobia. I’ve had it since February 2001 and went from November 2001 until June of 2007 without any panic attacks, and without the use of meds or seeing a therapist.

Now my recent claim to fame is that I have gone from June 2007 until now without a panic attack.

With anxiety, they say that getting good sleep, and not consuming anything with caffeine in it, helps keep it at a tolerable level.

I’m exhausted.

My anxiety has been through the roof for a few hours and I am so glad that I can turn off the computer in about an hour.

I wanted to make a blog about anxiety today but didn’t get the time to make a proper one, so while this one will touch on it… I will be making one that will go into more detail at a later time.

Now I am going to go and focus on something to help keep my mind from being overly busy for the next 20 or so minutes.

Be back in a few!

– She Who Has The Last Word

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