Bed Time!


It’s 6 AM. It’s time for bed!

Thank you so much for sharing this Blogathon experience with us. Thank you to all of our Sponsors.

To all of you who couldn’t be a sponsor, we can still accept sponsors and donations up until this Friday around midnight so please keep spreading the word about everything we’ve done today and our charity.

Harry Potter and Zelda winners will be announced on Monday, so please be sure to check and see if you were selected.

Also, we should be having some additional giveaways throughout the week to keep the Blogathon momentum going.

Thank you all again, and for those of you who became new readers of this wonderful site… welcome, we hope to see more of you 🙂


… and yes, I am shutting my PC down RIGHT NOW!

– She Who Has The Last Word

  • deaf_omega


    I wish i coulda stayed to the end

    I was awake a full 24 hours if it says anything ^_^

    so, I am not sure I donated right, I pleged some but I didnt get an email yet

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